Rev. Mark Manning

Pastor at Searchlight Ministries (LCMS) in Fullerton, CA

Rev. Mark Manning has been a pastor since 1998. He is married to the love of his life, Heather and has the privilege of raising three boys: Mark Thomas, Jacob, and Joshua. He serves as a pastor at Searchlight Ministries (LCMS) in Fullerton, CA. Each week, he demonstrates his passion for understanding Scripture as he guides the church through books of the Bible.

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Books by Rev. Manning

Shaking Scripture


Twelve insightful, thought-provoking devotions, based on stories in the Bible, will help you grasp more of God’s Word!

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Searchlight Ministries

Pastor Mark Manning invites you to visit Searchlight Ministries, a vibrant, Scripture-centered LCMS congregation located in Fullerton, CA. Here you will find a casual and comfortable worship atmosphere, a welcoming and accepting culture, and a friendly, loving church family. Pastor Manning’s greatest passion is teaching people to understand and embrace God’s Word and to apply it in relevant ways in their lives. His sermons, which are engaging and dynamic, are a mix between a traditional sermon and an in-depth Bible study. Visit to learn more.

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Audio Sermons

Scripture is alive and well, and continues to inspire and challenge me each week. I invite you to click on a sermon archive below, open up your Bible, and join us as God's Holy Word speaks to us powerfully - right here, right now, in our daily lives.

Visit to browse the extensive Searchlight Ministries audio sermon archive.

On this website, you will find some of my audio sermons on various books of the Bible. As I continue to preach, I add more sermon content to the website. Hopefully, there will come a time when I have a complete study of every book in the Bible. I invite you to listen to the material during your personal devotional time, or gather a group for a Bible study and go through the series together. Take notes, discuss, debate, and challenge yourselves – and watch as God guides you into an active relationship with Him through His Living Word!

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Premarital Counseling

I enjoy premarital counseling, and have assisted hundreds of couples as they prepare not just for the wedding, but a lifetime of joyful unity in Christ. I am trained as a counselor in the Prepare / Enrich program of Life Innovations, and I enjoy working with couples to make counseling an enjoyable and enriching experience

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Blessings in the Lord! My name is Mark Manning. I’m the proud husband of Heather Manning and father of our three amazing boys: Mark Thomas, Jacob, and Joshua. I currently serve as the pastor of Searchlight Ministries of Orange County, CA. I am greatly blessed by the opportunity to shepherd this wonderful congregation. What a joy it is to worship and to grow together each week in our knowledge and love of Scripture!

I grew up in a joyful, faith-filled home in Vacaville, CA. After high school, I attended Concordia University in Irvine, CA. There I met my lovely wife, Heather. Graduating with a B.A. in Humanities, I headed off to Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, MO., where I received my Masters of Divinity in 1998.

My life is wonderfully busy as I juggle my church responsibilities with loving my wife, going to Disneyland (my oldest son's favorite place!), coaching my middle son's Little League team, and taking my youngest son to acting class. God has blessed me immensely, and I am so thankful to be His child.

I have a passion for learning what the Bible has to say for me and for my congregation. The church has sanctioned me to study, study, study and to bring to them what I've learned from that research. For the past few years, part of my own personal challenge has been to take the time to study the Old Testament and glean from it all that God wishes to communicate through this important section of the Bible. I now see so much more in Scripture than I ever realized was there. When I began to ask deeper questions, and really stretched myself to grasp all that God's Word has to say, the details started leaping off the page and my love for the Biblical narrative went off the charts. In sharing these insights with my congregation each week, I have realized the importance of putting this material into book form for others to study and benefit from. The devotions you will read in my upcoming books will breathe fresh air into some of the more well-known stories of the Bible, as well as bring you into close contact with stories you may never have read before. Hopefully, like the two men on the road to Emmaus, your heart will burn within you as God opens up Scripture to you. May it come alive as never before, and give you the hunger and desire to learn all that He has to say!


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