Building Faith, Serving Christ, Touching Lives
Abba Daddy Do

Explorations in Childlike Faith

By Dr. Jacob Youmans

Publication Date:  October, 2011      Length:  212 pages

Join the adventure of childlike faith!

When you’re a child, every day is an adventure! Each day you see and experience life for the very first time. Reclaim the wonder and excitement meant for followers of Jesus as we explore the gift of childlike faith. Jacob Youmans, father of two, walks us through 40 true-life stories, discovering the spiritual in the everyday moments of childhood. Complete with study questions and scriptural references, this book is perfect for the individual looking to grow and be challenged, as well as a family or Bible study group. The book also contains artwork by the author's daughters, Maile and Leilani Youmans, who also co-wrote the book's Foreword.

Dr. Jacob Youmans, a dynamic conference speaker, is a professor and Director of the DCE Program at Concordia University in Austin, Texas. With a background in Children, Youth, and Family Ministry, he has spent countless hours with kids all around the world. He and his wife Christy have two beautiful daughters, Maile and Leilani. Since becoming a father, he has seen every princess and Barbie® movie ever created, and has had more barrettes in his hair than he can count!

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