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Extraordinary News

for Ordinary People

By Rev. Dr. Heath Trampe

Publication Date:  June, 2009      Length:  214 pages

What's so special about being ordinary?

We live in a world that is constantly telling us to work harder, dig deeper, and strive closer to an ideal and purposeful existence. We’re told that if we don’t succeed in making something of ourselves, we’ll have nothing to show for our lives. For those who succumb to this mindset, life can seem like nothing more than one immense competition – one where we usually come up short. When this is how we view our lives, can we ever be truly content with ourselves? Can God still love and use us, flaws and all?

In a world which equates “ordinary” with “not good enough,” Rev. Dr. Heath Trampe uses powerful examples from the Bible to prove that even ordinary people can accomplish amazing things. As you read about the lives of such Biblical characters as Jonah, Zacchaeus, and Esther, remember that they were simply ordinary sinners in the hands of an extraordinary God. They each experienced their share of hardships and struggles, but when God took hold of their lives, remarkable things began to happen. As you journey through these 12 stories of inspiration and hope, you’ll discover that “ordinary” is a pretty amazing thing to be.

Rev. Dr. Heath Trampe graduated in May 2015 with a Doctor of Ministry in Mission and Leadership from Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Heath is currently serving as Pastor of Faith Lutheran Church in York, Nebraska. He and his wife, Andrea, have two sons, Jonathan and Andrew.

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