The Missionary Disciple

Going and Growing

Dr. Jacob Youmans

2019 • Paperback • 159 pages

Your Guidebook for the Journey... Let’s Go and Grow!

Have you ever wanted to grow deeper in your faith but didn’t quite know where to start? Good news! In The Missionary Disciple, Jacob Youmans takes us on a journey toward spiritual growth using the “C.S.I.” model of formation. By showing the importance of growing through worship (Corporate), illustrations of how to grow with others (Small Group), and various practical examples to help you grow on your own (Individual), Youmans enables us to gain a holistic and well-rounded approach to deeper faith in Jesus. To further guide you on your journey, you’ll also find thoughtful questions and challenges to help you live out your faith in God’s grace as you go and grow! All along the way, you’ll discover new ways to become a well-equipped missionary disciple, always ready to share what Jesus has done in your life!