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Powerful Love

An Introduction to Christianity

By Rev. Dr. Lloyd Strelow

Publication Date:  December, 2010      Length:  122 pages

You've got questions - God's love provides the answers!

Powerful Love gets to the core of the essence of our Christian faith. The first chapter opens the window to God’s love for each of us. It is through that window - guided by the Holy Spirit - that Christians see, believe, and live the rest of God’s Word.

Throughout Powerful Love, Pastor Strelow uses the inductive method, using our questions to lead us to search God’s Word and find His answers for faith and life.

Written as a basic guide to the Christian faith, Powerful Love also includes thoughtful study questions and an introductory guide to Bible reading. It can be used for adult instruction classes, as well as a resource book for personal faith-sharing with others, and for individual and small group devotions. His primary passion is to share God's powerful love in Jesus Christ with others.

Rev. Dr. Lloyd Strelow has served six congregations in Michigan and California. He currently assists part-time at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church (LCMS) in Hemet, CA, where one of his primary emphases is to teach the basics of the Christian faith to all who seek to know the Lord. Pastor Strelow and his wife, Joyce, have been blessed with two children, three grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.

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