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Shaking Scripture

Grasping More of God's Word

By Rev. Mark Manning

Publication Date:  March, 2012      Length:  256 pages

“For some years now, I have read through the Bible twice every year. If you picture the Bible to be a mighty tree and every word a little branch, I have shaken every one of these branches because I wanted to know what it was and what it meant.” - Martin Luther

Do you love reading the Bible? It is a simple question with a not-so-simple answer. We say we love God’s Word, but we often don’t understand it. We desire to be devoted readers of Scripture, but we haven’t ventured into most of the Old Testament. We say we love the Bible, but we really don’t enjoy reading it.

Many have undertaken the endeavor of reading through the entire Bible within a year. I believe this is a wonderful discipline that can have tremendous value. But after speaking with some who have tried this, I would ask them what they learned throughout that exercise. Most admitted that they didn’t learn as much as they thought they would, and that it became a drab part of their devotional life.

Shaking Scripture was written to help develop a hunger within you for God’s Word. You will see how intriguing and interesting the Bible can be. You will be guided through some of the well-known stories we’ve grown to love and that have, perhaps, gotten stale with familiarity. In addition, you will discover some lesser-known stories that just might surprise you because of their readability and application. In all, there are 12 devotions, each aimed at "Shaking Scripture" in a way that helps us grasp more of God’s Word. Several reflective questions per devotion are also provided, making this book ideal for individual or group study.

Rev. Mark Manning has been a pastor since 1998. He is married to the love of his life, Heather and has the privilege of raising three boys: Mark Thomas, Jacob, and Joshua. He currently serves as pastor of Searchlight Ministries of Orange County, CA. Each week, he demonstrates his passion for understanding Scripture as he guides the church through books of the Bible. He truly does enjoy “Shaking Scripture.”

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