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Talking Pictures

How to Turn a Trip to the Movies Into a Mission Trip

By Dr. Jacob Youmans    Foreword by Leonard Sweet

Publication Date:  June, 2010      Length:  182 pages

Movies and ministry? What's the story?

Movies are everywhere - at the theater, at home, on our computers, even in our pockets! Our culture's fascination with the power of movies brings us together in a shared experience. But did you ever think that watching the latest action-adventure flick with a friend could provide a truly unique opportunity to witness about your Christian faith?

In Talking Pictures, Jacob Youmans takes us on a journey to the movies through the lens of ministry. He examines the ways in which we can see God at work in virtually any movie, and shows us practical and compelling ways to connect the power of movies to the Gospel message. Just imagine - you don't have to travel all the way to Africa to go on a mission trip! Opportunities for evangelism can be as close as the local cineplex.

Dr. Jacob Youmans, a dynamic conference speaker, is Director of the DCE Program at Concordia University in Austin, Texas. He is passionate about missions and has worked with missionaries on every continent except Antarctica. He and his wife Christy have two daughters and a collection of DVDs stacked to the ceiling.

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